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30 Years of economics for development

ILOUNCTAD, and UNU-WIDER co-organize a policy seminar in Geneva 23 October 2014 in which researchers and policy makers will discuss the current trends in inequality in different regions of the world, and lessons policy responses. Read more

​At this year’s WIDER Annual Lecture, held on the 18th of November in New York, Professor C. Peter Timmer will discuss the tensions experienced during structural transformation processes; review the political dangers from unequal growth; and outline how the world community can manage these issues moving forward. Read more

In this interview Finn Tarp, Director of UNU-WIDER, discusses the evidence uncovered in the aid and growth and other themes of the ReCom – Research and Communication on Foreign Aid programme, coordinated by UNU-WIDER  2011-13. Watch video and read more
The United Nations has announced that it has selected UNU-WIDER’s Development Under Climate Change (DUCC) project as ‘one to watch’ in its ‘Big Data Climate Challenge’ that is part of the build up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit on 23 September 2014 at UN Headquarters, New York. Read more
Inequality issue of WIDERAngle 
This month's WIDERAngle includes four articles on inequality in Latin America, as well as an interview on global wealth inequality with Professor Anthony Shorrocks. Read more
The Society for the Study of Economic Inequality has commissioned a series of papers appraising income inequality databases These evaluations are forthcoming in a special issue of The Journal of Economic Inequality. Professor Stephen Jenkins of the London School of Economics evaluated the WIID and the SWIID datasets for the issue. UNU-WIDER has taken into account the helpful suggestions in the review in the latest version of the data set,WIID3.0bRead more
WIID - the world income inequality database

The WIID v3.0B extends the database by 2000 observations on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. The database and its documentation are available here.

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Aid and Institution-Building in Fragile States: Findings from Comparative Cases
Why and how some states transition successfully from fragile to more robust—and some do not—are both topical and age-old questions. Read more
ReCom - Research and Communication on Foreign Aid
The ReCom - Research and Communication on Foreign Aid programme produced 247 original studies. It provides evidence on what does and could work in development, and what can be transferred and scaled up.

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