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30 Years of economics for development

UNU-WIDER open for submissions of papers that contribute to the comparative analysis of the emergence of social protection in developing countries.

Deadline for submission is 30 April 2015. Read more

UNU-WIDER invites research proposals from qualified researchers working on, or interested in exploring political economy considerations of social protection systems in developing countries.  Read more

This month's WIDERAngle features articles on job creation in Brazil, policy responses to food price volatility, an overview of IMF financing and debt-restructuring, and an interview on inequality with James Davies. Read more

In the run up to the announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September every development issue is clamouring for attention. The constituencies behind each issue run the risk of being accused of ‘bandwagoning’—linking their particular issue to the SDGs when the arguments for such a link are less than strong. Read more

Social scientists increasingly engage in experimental research of importance for public policy. While this research holds the possibility of producing major social benefits, it may also involve manipulating populations, often without consent, sometimes with potentially adverse effects, What then are the ethical implications of such research? Read full paper

UNU-WIDER invites proposals from qualified researchers for papers exploring the impact of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, on all aspects of development. We welcome papers from all disciplines, including economics, economic history, political science, geography, as well as others.  ​Read more

WIID - the world income inequality database

The WIID v3.0B extends the database by 2000 observations on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. The database and its documentation are available here.

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UNU-WIDER has a number of research projects related to climate change and it's economic implications. Read about Aid and the Environment, Development Under Climate Change and more here.
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This report outline fifteen findings from our Research and Communication on Foreign Aid project that are relevant to the post-2015 agenda. Read more

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