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30 Years of economics for development

Q. I am looking for a position at UNU-WIDER — can I send you my CV?

A. Any UNU-WIDER vacancies are listed in Job vacancies, under the heading Opportunities. Please note that we do not accept speculative applications and CVs.

Q. I would like to apply for research funding.
A. UNU-WIDER only funds research related to its approved research programme and budget. We         are not able to provide funding to external activities.

Q. Would you publish some of my research?
A. UNU-WIDER only publishes work carried out under the mandated research programme. We are       not able to publish unsolicited submissions or research that we have not commissioned, nor are       we able to advise on the general suitability of any proposed writing.

Q. I would like to participate in a research meeting.
Research meetings are limited to contracted project teams. If you wish to participate in the         research of the institute, please refer to the research or events section.

Q. How do I apply to attend the United Nations University?
A. The United Nations University comprises a worldwide network of research and training institutes. See the UNU website for further details.

Q. Can you announce my book/meeting/webpage on the UNU-WIDER website or in your electronic mailings?
A. This website and our electronic announcements are used exclusively for UNU-WIDER events and publications. UNU-WIDER does not publicize any personal contact information stored in our address directory.

Q. May I excerpt or photocopy, translate or otherwise reproduce UNU-WIDER publications?
A. We welcome requests for permissions to excerpt or photocopy, as well as proposals for translation and other subsidiary rights for both our print and electronic publications. Contact us directly for details.

Q. How can I access the information in the earlier version of the UNU-WIDER website?
A. This new website has been designed to accommodate all of the information that was previously available. We have also begun work on back-cataloguing earlier ‘out of print’ publications to make them available to download.

Q. How can I read the conference papers that have passwords?
A. Papers with a password are in draft form; they are on the website so that other participants and discussants may access them. They are not yet 'published' and therefore cannot be copied, cited, or circulated without the express permission of the corresponding author. A selection of the papers from the conferences and projects will be published in our Working Paper series, and will be announced via our e-mail service and be freely available from this website.

Q. Where to find more information about visiting Helsinki?
A. Please see this website for more information:

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