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30 Years of economics for development
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Seminar: Foreign Aid and Democracy in Africa – A joint ODI and UNU-WIDER event, London, UK

Overseas Development Institute, 111 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7JD, London, UK
17 May 2012 13:30 - 17 May 2012 17:30
Contact person

Lorraine Telfer-Taivainen, UNU-WIDER

Danielle Resnick, UNU-WIDER

By invitation only

What is the impact of foreign aid on the democratic trajectories of developing countries?  The United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) has launched a two-year project addressing this question in the most aid-dependent region of the world, sub-Saharan Africa. Initial findings of the project indicate that development aid has a direct impact on facilitating transitions and preventing the erosion of democratic gains. However, democracy assistance exerts a more direct role in furthering consolidation. Moreover, there are also important trade-offs between development aid and democracy assistance that require greater attention within the policy community.

For more information on this project, please see the research page.

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