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30 Years of economics for development
Event name

ReCom - First Results Meeting: Aid, Growth and Macroeconomic Management, Copenhagen, Denmark 


Chr. Hansen Auditoriet (CSS 34.0.01), Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK-1353 Copenhagen K, Denmark

27 January 2012 08:30 - 27 January 2012 12:00
Contact person

UNU-WIDER focal points for the ReCom programme are:
Tony Addison, Chief Economist, Deputy Director of UNU-WIDER and
Finn Tarp, Director of UNU-WIDER.

Project Assistants
Janis Vehmaan-Kreula
Anne Ruohonen

Communications Assistant
Annett Victorero




The Windhoek Vocational Training Centre in Khomasdal is a training centre for artisans.The centre boasts a number of female students across the board.Established in 1988 for demand driven vocational training.The Boilermaking and Welding Fabrication workshop. Punching metal is Hileni Amulungu who considerers wanting to be a boilermaker as 'normal'. Photo: © John Hogg/World Bank
Photo: © John Hogg/World Bank

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