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WIDER Conference on Spatial Inequality in Africa 
University of Oxford, UK 
21 September 2002 - 22 September 2002
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Conference on Spatial Inequality in Africa

Center for the Study of African Economies
University of Oxford

In response to the number and quality of papers submitted for the Cornell/LSE/WIDER Conference on Spatial Inequality and Development, a second conference has been scheduled, focusing specifically on Spatial Inequality in Africa. The conference is organized by the Center for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford, on September 21-22, 2002. The conference is part of a larger WIDER project on Spatial Disparities in Human Development.

Papers presented at the conference will describe and analyze the evolution and state of spatial inequality in Africa. A broad view is taken of inequality, covering the distribution of such variables as economic activity, economic structure, population, income, social indicators, infrastructure and public expenditure. Papers selected for the conference will in turn be considered for a special issue of the Journal of African Economies, to be edited by Ravi Kanbur (Cornell University) and  Tony Venables (London School of Economics).

Publications arising from this conference: research page

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