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UNU-WIDER WIDER Conference on Frontiers of Poverty Analysis

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WIDER Conference on Frontiers of Poverty Analysis
Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland
26 September 2008 - 27 September 2008
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In recent decades poverty research has changed almost beyond recognition, along with the techniques used in analytic work. Yet many researchers remain unaware of the many ways in which the frontiers of poverty analysis have been extended.

The aim of this conference is to help rectify the situation in two ways. First, by surveying the novel concepts and tools developed for poverty research over the past 25 years. Second, by presenting papers that illustrate well the range of concepts and techniques now available for use in poverty analysis.

The topics likely to be covered include:

  • multidimensional issues
  • social exclusion
  • capabilities
  • subjective evaluation and happiness
  • poverty dynamics
  • chronic poverty
  • vulnerability
  • fuzzy poverty
  • poverty indices
  • poverty orderings
  • decomposition techniques
  • targeting
  • simulation methods
  • behavioural approaches
  • randomized experiments
  • macro-micro linkages
  • gender issues
  • global poverty trends

For more information, please refer to the research page of this event.

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