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UNU-WIDER Making Peace Work

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Photo: ©FAO/Walter Astrada

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WIDER Conference on Making Peace Work
Helsinki, Finland 
4 June 2004 - 5 June 2004
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Violent conflict has inflicted immense damage, caused untold grief, and impoverished millions of people. No region of the world has been immune from its effects. Post-conflict reconstruction is now underway, but with mixed success, and many societies are still far from peace. What are the economic dimensions of conflict and peace-keeping? Does economic development contribute to conflict reduction? And what are the lessons of post-conflict reconstruction?

The conference aims to increase the focus of economists on conflict issues, and to facilitate interaction between economists and other social scientists working on conflict and post-conflict reconstruction.

Conference topics include:

• Violent conflict and its causes
• Conflict prevention and peace-keeping
• Post-conflict reconstruction
• Foreign Aid to conflict and post-conflict countries
• Poverty and human development effects of conflict

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Publications arising from this conference: research page

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