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Event name
WIDER Conference on Southern Engines of Global Growth: Africa and CIBS (China, India, Brazil and South Africa); Johannesburg, South Africa
Rand Merchant Bank Auditorium,
1 Merchant Place, Corner Fredman Drive & Rivonia Road
Sandton 2196
South Africa
5 September 2008 - 6 September 2008
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Is Africa as a whole gaining from the increasing economic and political ties with China, India, Brazil and South Africa (CIBS) through trade, FDI and aid flows? It is likely that a number of African countries are reaping benefits from these linkages or flows, while others may be adversely affected, particularly by the trade expansion of CIBS. Nevertheless, the overall impacts and implications of the rise of CIBS on Africa and individual countries have so far received little analytical attention.

This conference, which is part of the UNU-WIDER project on ‘Southern Engines of Global Growth’, will focus on interactions between CIBS and African economies in terms of trade, FDI, natural resources, energy, growth strategies, and governance and so on. Both Africa-wide and country-specific studies, from either macro or micro perspective are welcome, provided that they are placed in the context of CIBS economies.


This conference is organized in collaboration with the Rand Merchant Bank.

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