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WIDER Conference on Southern Engines of Global Growth: China, India, Brazil, and South Africa
Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, FI 00160 Helsinki, Finland
7 September 2007 - 8 September 2007
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China, India, Brazil and South Africa (CIBS) have an important impact on the global economy through growth and trade effects, and their roles in financial markets. Meanwhile, by forging political alliances among themselves and with others, they are increasingly active and vocal on the world stage. As a result, the ‘rise of CIBS’ is expected to have profound implications for international governance.

This conference focuses on the inter-linkages between CIBS and the global economy, including the impact of these economies on their respective regions. The main themes are growth, trade, international finance, global governance and geopolitics. Comparative studies are particularly welcome.

The conference is expected to cover the following (non-exhaustive) topics:

  • Implications of CIBS growth for other economies: opportunities, challenges and threats
  • Growth paths and development prospects of CIBS, including possible setbacks, lessons and experiences for other countries
  • Commodity and services trade: the changing patterns of trade; competitive and complementary trade relationships; and volatility in commodity prices
  • Capital flows and financial markets: the role, determinants and spill-over effects of FDI; government strategies in attracting FDI, prevention of financial crisis, exchange rate regimes; capital account control/decontrol
  • CIBS role in WTO negotiations, regional trade arrangements and the implications for Southern economies
  • Possible consequence for energy demand, climate change and regional tensions
  • Technology transfer, intellectual property rights, and national research policies
  • Political economy and international governance issues, including implications for foreign policies.


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