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30 Years of economics for development
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WIDER Project Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: Concepts, Measurements, and Impacts.
Helsinki, Finland
21 August 2008 - 23 August 2008
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Entrepreneurship is important for structural economic change, growth, and ultimately for improving human well-being. Governments and development agencies are recognizing the need to build entrepreneurial capacity. This can gain from a better understanding of the role of entrepreneurship in economic development.

Having embarked on a ‘building entrepreneurial capacity’ project, this WIDER international workshop will create a platform to chart past and present thinking on the topic, with specific reference to developing economies, and share ideas on future research.

Submissions are invited. Abstracts and a CV should be sent to entrepreneur2(at) before 14 March 2008. Papers will be subject to a review process. Accepted papers need to be submitted in full by 14 July 2008. Selected papers will also be considered for inclusion in an edited book and/or journal special issue on entrepreneurship and economic development.

There is no conference fee. Subject to UN regulations WIDER may cover the travel and accommodation costs of selected participants.

Workshop topics include:

  • The concept and measurement of entrepreneurship in the context of developing countries.

  • The channels through which entrepreneurship drives economic structural transformation and growth and institutional development.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of small, micro, and medium sized firms as vehicles for entrepreneurship in developing countries.

  • The impact of female entrepreneurs, and the constraints and opportunities they face in developing countries.

  • Entrepreneurship’s spatial contexts: local and regional development, and urbanization.

  • The policy challenge for supporting and developing entrepreneurship.

WIDER gratefully acknowledges the financial contribution to the project by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

For further information about this project, Promoting Entrepreneurial Capacity , please refer to the research pages.

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