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WIDER Book Launch with the Brookings Institution: Mobilizing Talent for Global Development


The Brookings Institution, Saul/Zilkha Room, 1775 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC

2 April 2008 15:00 - 17:00
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Entrepreneurs, technical experts, professionals, international students, writers, and artists are among the most highly mobile people in the global economy today. These talented elite often originate from developing countries and migrate to industrial economies. Many return home with new ideas, experiences, and capital useful for national development, whilst others remain to produce quality goods and services that are useful everywhere in the global economy.

The economic potential of globalization is ultimately dependent on the international mobility of highly talented individuals that transfer knowledge, new technologies, ideas, business capacities, and other creative capabilities. Developing countries and advanced economies may both gain from this mobility if it is effectively and smartly managed. This volume provides a novel analysis of the main determinants and development impact of talent mobility in the global economy.

Andrés Solimano, director of the UNU-WIDER research project on the Mobility of Talent, and AnnaLee Saxenian, a contributor to the project, will jointly discuss the main findings and policy implications of the study.

Admission is free, the event is followed by a reception. Please register in advance:

Kristie Latulippe
Outreach Coordinator, Global Economy and Development
The Brookings Institution
1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington DC 20036, Tel. 202-797-6065
E-mail: klatulippe(at)


Neil G. Ruiz Non-resident Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Global Economy and Development, examines the impact of migration on economic development, migration policy, and higher education in developing countries.


Andrés Solimano is Regional Advisor at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC). Formerly Country Director at the World Bank in Washington DC and Executive Director for Chile and Ecuador on the Boards of the Inter-American Development Bank and affiliated institutions, he has published numerous books and authored articles on growth, development, globalization, economic reform, income distribution, international migration, and macroeconomics in professional journals and the media.

AnnaLee Saxenian is the Dean and Professor in the School of Information and Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. Her most recent book, The New Argonauts: Regional Advantage in the Global Economy (Harvard University Press, 2006), explores how the  “brain circulation” by immigrant engineers from Silicon Valley has transferred technology entrepreneurship to emerging regions in China, India, Taiwan, and Israel.


Michael Clemens leads the migration research at the Centre for Global Development in Washington DC. He studies the effects of skilled-worker emigration on developing countries. Recently he compiled the first nearly complete count of African-born doctors and nurses living outside Africa.

Danny Leipziger is Vice President, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network, and head of the World Bank delegation to the 6th WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong.

WIDER Publications on the Mobility of Talent

The International Mobility of Talent: Types, Causes, and Development Impact
Edited by Andres Solimano
ISBN: 978-0-19-953260-5
Publication date: February 2008
UNU-WIDER Studies in Development Economics
Oxford University Press

UNU Policy Brief No. 7, 2006
Mobilizing Talent for Global Development
By Andrés Solimano


“This interesting book brings the knowledge and sophistication of first rate economists to the analysis of the globalization of talent and assesses its various and not always obvious consequences. It will help us to better understand this complex and topical phenomenon. It will become an essential reference in this important and new branch of economics.” — Vito Tanzi, former Director, Fiscal Affairs Department of the IMF, and an Undersecretary for Economy and Finance in the Italian Government

The International Mobility of Talent brings together the best research in this critically important subject, identifying the roles of creativity, knowledge, ideas, and skills that go beyond trade and capital as the movers of economic development.” — Richard Florida, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, author of The Rise of the Creative Class

“This is the highest talent writing about the mobility of talent, now a subject central to development. This book deserves a warm welcome.” — Alice H. Amsden, Barton L. Weller Professor of Political Economy, MIT

“Andrés Solimano has skillfully edited the contributions of many experts to present a comprehensive analysis of one of the least examined dimensions of globalization. This important work examines the international mobility of talented individuals and the way that they disseminate ideas as they move from country to country, which in turn impact on economies in both the developed and the developing world.” — David Parrish, International Management Consultant and Trainer:

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