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30 Years of economics for development
Event name
Seminar: Cooperatives in Finland. Presented by Hagen Henrÿ and Tapani Köppä, University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute, Helsinki, Finland
2 May 2012 - 2 May 2012
Contact person
Imed Drine, Research Fellow
  • The importance of Cooperatives in Finland

  • Why Cooperatives? Challenges for the promotion of this enterprise type in a global world 


The so-called crisis and a number of international instruments, not the least the UN Declaration of 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives has drawn again the attention to an enterprise type - cooperatives - which can be found in virtually all sectors and in all countries. For decades, cooperatives had almost disappeared from public policy agendas at all levels and from the research and education curricula. The renewed recognition of the economic and social impact of cooperatives is not sufficient to reverse the trend. The question 'Why cooperatives' needs scientifically backed answers. Their elaboration needs to take the challenges into account which globalization poses for this enterprise type. 

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