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30 Years of economics for development

On the event website you can find the presentations, panel session videos, papers, participants list, and more from our latest WIDER Development Conference.  The event brought together leading development economists, practitioners, and the new generation of researchers from around the world.  

The 2015 WIDER Annual Lecture was given by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen in Helsinki on 19 September 2015. He discussed the overall challenge of sustainable and human-focused development including new and old challenges. Read more

World leaders are now meeting at a special UN summit  from 25–27 September to formally adopt the SDGs, which will then be implemented from 1 January 2016. 

Last week during the UNU-WIDER 30th anniversary events we asked Nobel laureates in economics Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen for their views on the SDGs. Watch videos

Vacancies at UNU-WIDER

We are now accepting applications for four positions. Programme Assistant, Project Assistant, Team Assistant, and Travel Assistant based in Helsinki, Finland. Deadline 29 October. Read more

This month's WIDERAngle features articles on our 30th Anniversary conference, economic lessons key to achieving SDG8, and Malawi's farm subsidy programme. VIDEOAngle contains interviews with Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz in which they give their thoughts on the new Sustainable Development Goals.  Read more

Does aid effectively promote growth and development? This brief addresses four key areas to understanding how aid works: the relationship between aid and economic growth, the effects of aid volatility, the benefits of co-operation, and the macroeconomic management of aid flows. Read more

WIID - the world income inequality database

The WIID v3.0B extends the database by 2000 observations on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. The database and its documentation are available here.

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Watch video interviews, conference sessions, seminars and much more on our YouTube Channel.
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This report outline fifteen findings from our Research and Communication on Foreign Aid project that are relevant to the post-2015 agenda. Read more

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