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30 Years of economics for development

The WIDER Annual Lecture is delivered by scholars in the field of economics of development and transition

The WIDER Annual Lecture is delivered by an eminent scholar who has made significant contribution in the field of economics of development and transition. The Lecture is available to download from this web site, and a printed copy is also available upon request. 

18th Annual Lecture
Managing Structural Transformation: A Political Economy Approach
C. Peter Timmer
17th Annual Lecture
Egalitarian Principles: The Foundation for Sustainable Peace
Martti Ahtisaari

16th Annual Lecture
Folk and the Formula: Fact and Fiction in Development

Lant Pritchett

15th Annual Lecture
From Flying Geese to Leading Dragons: New Opportunities
and Strategies for Structural Transformation in Developing

Justin Yifu Lin
14th Annual Lecture

Reforming the International Monetary System

José Antonio Ocampo

13th Annual Lecture
The Trade-Development Nexus in Theory
and History
Ronald Findlay 
12th Annual Lecture
Developing Countries in the World Economy:
The Future in the Past?
Deepak Nayyar
11th Annual Lecture
The Climate Change Challenge
Kemal Derviş
10th Annual Lecture
Global Patterns of Income and Health:
Facts, Interpretations, and Policies
Angus Deaton
9th Annual Lecture
The World is Not Flat: Inequality
and Injustice in our Global Economy
Nancy Birdsall

8th Annual Lecture
Rethinking Growth Strategies

Dani Rodrik
7th Annual Lecture
Global Labour Standards and Local Freedoms
Kaushik Basu
6th Annual Lecture
Winners and Losers in Two Centuries
of Globalization
Jeffrey G. Williamson
5th Annual Lecture
Horizontal Inequality:
A Neglected Dimension of Development
Frances Stewart
4th Annual Lecture
Globalization and Appropriate Governance
Jagdish N. Bhagwati
3rd Annual Lecture
Is Rising Income Inequality Inevitable?
A Critique of the Transatlantic
Sir Anthony B. Atkinson
2nd Annual Lecture
More Instruments and Broader Goals:
Moving Toward the Post-Washington Consensus
Joseph E. Stiglitz
1st Annual Lecture
The Contribution of the New Institutional Economics
to an Understanding of the Transition Problem
Douglass C. North

The collection of Annual Lectures 1997–2004 is available as:
Wider Perspectives on Global Development
Published in Studies in Development Economics and Policy, by Palgrave
Macmillan (ISBN 9781403996312)

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