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A teenager wears torn rubber boots in a muddy local market in Bac Ha, Viet Nam. As of 2005 figures, half the world population—more than 3 billion people–is estimated to live on less than USD 2.50 a day. Bac Ha, Viet Nam. UN Photo/Kibae Park.

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Title (click to see full details) Author Download Year
Utility Privatization and Regulation: A Fair Deal for Consumers? Edited by Cecilia Ugaz and Catherine Waddams Price 2003
WIDER Special Issue: Spatial Issues in Africa Edited by Ravi Kanbur and Anthony J. Venables 2003
Small and Medium Enterprises in Transitional Economies Edited by Robert J. McIntyre and Bruno Dallago 2003
Reforming Africa's Institutions: Ownership, Incentives and Capabilities Edited by Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa 2003
Perspectives on Growth and Poverty Edited by Rolph van der Hoeven and Anthony Shorrocks 2003
Ownership and Governance of Enterprises: Recent Innovative Developments Edited by Laixiang Sun 2003
Inequality and Social Structure During the Transition Edited by Vladimir Mikhalev 2003
From Conflict to Recovery in Africa Edited by Tony Addison 2003
WIDER Special Issue: Explaining Violent Conflict: Going Beyond Greed versus Grievance Edited by Tony Addison and S. Mansoob Murshed 2003
From Capital Surges to Drought: Seeking Stability for Emerging Edited by Ricardo Ffrench-Davis and Stephany Griffith-Jones 2003

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