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An apt and timely book as global food security today engages the attention of the world as never before. —Raghu Dayal, book review, The Hindu

This wide ranging and forward looking set of studies is a must read for policy makers, analysts and students of food security. Containing contributions from leading thinkers and doers in multilateral and developing country organizations, the volume critically examines the relevance and accuracy of available and proposed tools to measure food security, and explores their application in several dynamic contexts. Important new insights are contributed towards a better understanding of the complex pathways through which trade liberalization and farm support programs impact on the nutritional status of the poor in developing countries. Highly recommended. — Dr Peter Matlon, Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya

Food Security: Indicators, Measurement, and the Impact of Trade Openness

Oxford University Press
UNU-WIDER Studies in Development Economics
Food Security: Indicators, Measurement, and the Impact of Trade Openness
Edited by Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, Shabd S. Acharya and Benjamin Davis
Publication date:
December 2007
ISBN 13 Print:
Copyright holder:
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WTO, agriculture, food security, economic reform, women, hunger, child-health
Q18, I30
Hunger and Food Security: New Challenges and New Opportunities
hardback book
This is a valuable contribution to the literature on Food Security for many reasons, including: —it analyzes food security trends over time, which is relatively under-studied; —food security is examined separately from poverty, which is unlike most previous studies; —its focus on ex ante analysis of vulnerability to hunger and malnutrition, and the policy implications at the local, national and international levels is new and highly valuable for policy makers and practitioners; —the analysis of the multiple and intertwined links between poverty, growth and hunger are clearly examined; —the Editors of the volume should be commended for including case studies undertaken by researchers from developing countries directly affected by food ( in) security. The much too important local perspective is captured in this volume. —Gobind Nankani, President, Global Development Network, New Delhi, India
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