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30 Years of economics for development
"The UNU-WIDER Studies in Development Economics and Policy series have over recent years developed into a must read for anyone interested in sound policy advice for fighting global poverty. A central cornerstone of robust development is to mobilise sufficient domestic resources and to make them accessible to all. Domestic Resource Mobilization and Financial Development guides the reader toward valuable theory and field lessons on how to mobilise, intermediate and allocate savings through inclusive financial sectors." — Helmut Reisen, Head of Research, OECD Development Centre

Domestic Resource Mobilization and Financial Development

Palgrave Macmillan
Studies in Development Economics and Policy
Domestic Resource Mobilization and Financial Development
Edited by George Mavrotas
Publication date:
March 2008
ISBN 13 Print:
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finance, development, economics
F3, O19
Financial Sector Development for Growth and Poverty Reduction
hardback book
"Financial markets are changing in the developing world. This book offers an insightful resource for critical understanding of the state and evolution of these markets." — Stefan Dercon, University of Oxford
"The African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) is pleased to add its voice in support of this volume. AERC has long recognized the important role of these two complementary issues in economic growth that helps the poor. Over our 20-year history, resource mobilization and financial sector issues have in one form or other always been among the selection of themes that guide our thematic research modality, while financial sector reform was the specific theme of one of our earliest Senior Policy Seminars, annual gatherings of top policy makers in the continent. On the other hand, domestic resource mobilization has been the topic of two more recent Senior Policy Seminars. Because both research and seminar themes are specifically chosen to reflect policy makers’ own demands and concerns, we know that these issues are high on the policy agenda and we are confident that this book will be extremely useful to the policy community." — William M. Lyakurwa, Executive Director, African Economic Research Consortium
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