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A teenager wears torn rubber boots in a muddy local market in Bac Ha, Viet Nam. As of 2005 figures, half the world population—more than 3 billion people–is estimated to live on less than USD 2.50 a day. Bac Ha, Viet Nam. UN Photo/Kibae Park.

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Title (click to see full details) Author Download Year
Urbanization and Development in Asia: Multidimensional Perspectives Edited by Jo Beall, Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, and Ravi Kanbur 2012
The Role of Elites in Economic Development Edited by the late Alice H. Amsden, Alisa DiCaprio, and James A. Robinson 2012
Journal of Economic Inequality: Measuring Poverty Over Time (journal special issue) Guest editors: Luc Christiaensen and Tony Shorrocks 2012
Economies in Transition: The Long-Run View Edited by Gérard Roland 2012
Latin American Urban Development into the 21st Century: Towards a Renewed Perspective on the City Edited by Dennis Rodgers, Jo Beall, and Ravi Kanbur 2012
Review of Development Economics Special Issue: Climate Change and Economic Development Guest Editors: Channing Arndt, Paul Chinowsky, Ken Strzepek, Finn Tarp, and James Thurlow 2012

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