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30 Years of economics for development

Policy briefs

These policy briefs are based on UNU-WIDER projects and peer reviewed manuscripts, and present clear and concise research findings and implications for policy.

The below list includes:

UNU-WIDER Policy Brief series (2014-)
UNU Policy Brief series (2005-2013)
WIDER Policy Brief series  (1998–2004)

UNU-WIDER Policy Brief series

2/2015Tony Addison and Finn TarpFour key areas to improve aid effectivenss

Per Pinstrup-AndersenHow do governments respond to food price volatility?

2/2014Ravi Kanbur and Jukka PirttiläLessons from behavioural economics for policy-making
1/2014Giovanni Andrea CorniaFalling Inequality in Latin America – Policy changes and lessons

UNU Policy Brief series

07/2013Danielle ResnickDemocratic Trajectories in Africa: Unravelling the Impact of Foreign Aid
04/2013Wim Naudé, Tilman Brück and Philip VerwimpBusiness and the Barrel of a Gun: Understanding Entrepreneurship and Violent Conflict in Developing Countries
03/2013Augustin Kwasi FosuAchieving Development Success: Strategies and Lessons from the Developing World
02/2013Wim Naudé and Adam SzirmaiIndustrial Policy for Development
01/2013Augustin Kwasi FosuDevelopment Success: Historical Accounts from More Advanced Countries

01/2012Wim NaudéWhat is the (New) Deal with Fragile States?

01/2011Wim Naudé, Adam Szirmai and Micheline GoedhuysInnovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

06/2010Amelia U. Santos-Paulino and Guanghua WanThe Global Impact of the Southern Engines of Growth: China, India, Brazil and South Africa
05/2010Amelia U. Santos-PaulinoEnhancing Development through Policy Coherence
04/2010Wim Naudé 

Promoting Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Policy Challenges

03/2010Machiko Nissanke and Erik ThorbeckeLinking the Globalization to Poverty in Asia, Latin America and Africa

03/2009Augustin Kwasi Fosu and Wim NaudéPolicy Responses to the Global Economic Crisis in Africa
02/2009Wim NaudéThe Global Economic Crisis after One Year: Is a New Paradigm for Recovery in Developing Countries Emerging?
04/2008Guanghua Wan 万广华中国的反贫困:仅有高经济增长够吗? (Chinese)
04/2008Guanghua WanPoverty Reduction in China: Is High Growth Enough?
03/2008Wim Naudé, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, and Mark McGillivrayFragile States
02/2008Wim Naudé, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, and Mark McGillivrayVulnerability in Developing Countries
01/2008Basudeb Guha-KhasnobisCan We Eradicate Hunger?
06/2007Ha-Joon ChangStranger than Fiction? Understanding Institutional Changes and Economic Development
05/2007Wim Naudé and Marianne MattheeThe Significance of Transport Costs in Africa
03/2007David Clark and Mark McGillivrayMeasuring Human Well-being: Key Findings and Policy Lessons
02/2007Machiko Nissanke and Erik ThorbeckeLinking Globalization to Poverty
07/2006Andrés SolimanoMobilizing Talent for Global Development
05/2006Tony Addison, Alan Roe, and Matthew SmithFiscal Policy for Poverty Reduction, Reconstruction, and Growth
04/2005David FieldingWhat can the European Central Bank learn from Africa?
03/2005Ravi Kanbur and Anthony J. VenablesRising Spatial Disparities and Development
01/2005David FieldingZone franc : l'expérience africaine peut-elle inspirer la Banque centrale européenne? (French)

WIDER Policy Brief series

10/2004 A. B. AtkinsonNew Sources of Development Finance: Funding the Millennium Development Goals
09/2004Matthew OdedokunSustainability of External Development Financing to Developing Countries
08/2004Christina Boswell and Jeff CrispPoverty, International Migration and Asylum 
07/2003Matthew Clarkee-development? Development and the New Economy 
06/2003Tony AddisonAfrica's Recovery from Conflict: Making Peace Work for the Poor
06/2003Tony AddisonA Recuperação de África após os Conflitos: Levar aos Pobres os Benefícios da Paz (Portuguese)
06/2003Tony AddisonL'Afrique de la guerre à la paix: garantir l'avenir des populations pauvres (French)
05/2002Deepak Nayyar and Julius CourtGoverning Globalization: Issues and Institutions 
04/2001Giovanni Andrea Cornia and Julius CourtInequality, Growth and Poverty in the Era of Liberalization and Globalization
03/2001Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth SadouletAccess to Land and Land Policy Reforms 
02/1999Jeni KlugmanSocial and Economic Policies to Prevent Complex Humanitarian Emergencies Lessons from Experience
01/1998Patrick Humphreys and Matti PaloForests in Global Warming

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