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A teenager wears torn rubber boots in a muddy local market in Bac Ha, Viet Nam. As of 2005 figures, half the world population—more than 3 billion people–is estimated to live on less than USD 2.50 a day. Bac Ha, Viet Nam. UN Photo/Kibae Park.

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Advanced search instructions

You can use the characters * and ? in a query (for example: countr*) to search all documents that contain the term (countr) where * can mean any character(s). This search would find documents that contain the words: country, countries, countrywide, etc. The question mark ? identifies one character e.g. globali?ation finds both globalization and globalisation.

It is possible to search with boolean operators, using the All field: AND, OR, NOT, which must be written in capital letters. AND can search All fields with both terms (e.g. trade AND aid), OR will find documents where one field contains either of the terms (trade OR aid), and NOT will find documents where the field contains one term but not the other (trade NOT aid). NOT cannot be used as a single operator (i.e. on its own). Search multiple parameters with the plus and minus signs (e.g. +trade -aid) where documents contain the word trade but not aid.

Search exact phrases with double quotes, e.g. "fiscal policy for development". Using the All field search terms can be limited to a particular field (e.g. Author:Young AND Title:Rule). The field text is case sensitive and all field names start with a capital letter. Fields included in the All-search are Author, Title, Keywords, JEL, ISSN, ISBN printed and web, and Abstract.

The Year field is included only in a ranged query or when used in the Search for-field (e.g. Year:2006).

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