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A teenager wears torn rubber boots in a muddy local market in Bac Ha, Viet Nam. As of 2005 figures, half the world population—more than 3 billion people–is estimated to live on less than USD 2.50 a day. Bac Ha, Viet Nam. UN Photo/Kibae Park.

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2012 Working Papers

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Title (click to see full details) Author Download Year
WP/051 Opposition Politics and Urban Service Delivery in Kampala, Uganda Gina M. S. Lambright 2012
WP/050 Can Cities or Towns Drive African Development? Economy-wide Analysis for Ethiopia and Uganda Paul Dorosh, and James Thurlow 2012
WP/049 Donor Assistance and Urban Service Delivery in Africa Richard Stren 2012
WP/048 The Development Implications of External Integration in Latin America José Antonio Ocampo 2012
WP/047 Aid, Employment and Inclusive Growth in Conflict-Affected Countries: Policy Recommendations for Liberia Graciana del Castillo 2012
WP/046 The Economic Implications of Introducing Carbon Taxes in South Africa Theresa Alton, Channing Arndt, Rob Davies, Faaiqa Hartley, Konstantin Makrelov, James Thurlow, and Dumebi Ubogu 2012
WP/045 Does an Educated Mind Take the Broader View? A field experiment on in-group favouritism among microcredit clients Ivar Kolstad and Arne Wiig 2012
WP/044 Income Inequality, Redistribution and Poverty: Contrasting rational choice and behavioural perspectives Malte Luebker 2012
WP/043 Trans-border Land Acquisitions: A New Guise of Outsourcing and Host Country Effects Gouranga Das 2012
WP/042 On the Impact of External Debt and Aid on Public Expenditure Allocation in Sub-Saharan Africa after the Launch of the HIPC Initiative Maria Quattri, and Augustin Kwasi Fosu 2012

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