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A teenager wears torn rubber boots in a muddy local market in Bac Ha, Viet Nam. As of 2005 figures, half the world population—more than 3 billion people–is estimated to live on less than USD 2.50 a day. Bac Ha, Viet Nam. UN Photo/Kibae Park.

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Title (click to see full details) Author Download Year
Identification of Regional Fundamental Economic Structure (FES) of India: An Input-Output and Field of Influence Approach Sudhir K. Thakur 2008
Hunting for Leopards: Long-Run Country Income Dynamics in Africa Jorge Saba Arbache and John Page 2008
How Macroeconomic Instability Lowers Child Survival Patrick Guillaumont, Catherine Korachais, and Julie Subervie 2008
Growth Oriented Macroeconomic Policies for Small Islands Economies: Lessons from Singapore Anis Chowdhury 2008
Growth and Trade Horizons for Asia: Long Term Forecasts for Regional Integration David Roland-Holst, Jean-Pierre Verbiest, and Fan Zhai 2008
Globalization and Smallholders: The Adoption, Diffusion, and Welfare Impact of Non-traditional Export Crops in Guatemala Calogero Carletto, Angeli Kirk, Paul Winters, and Benjamin Davis 2008
Globalization and Health: Impact Pathways and Recent Evidence Giovanni Andrea Cornia, Stefano Rosignoli, and Luca Tiberti 2008
Globalization and Formal Sector Migration in Brazil Ernesto Aguayo-Tellez, Marc-Andreas Muendler, and Jennifer Pamela Poole 2008
Globalization, Literacy Levels, and Economic Development Alok Bhargava 2008
Global Growth and Distribution: Are China and India Reshaping the World? Maurizio Bussolo, Rafael E. De Hoyos, Denis Medvedev, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe 2008