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30 Years of economics for development


Summary features of WIID2c

Countries or areas included

East Asia and Pacific14

Eastern Europe and Central Asia27

Latin America and Caribbean26

Middle East and North Africa11

OECD   32

South Asia6

Sub-Saharan Africa43

Gini coefficients5313

Income distribution by any quantile share2985
Time span

Before 1960305




Quality ratings

1survey and income concept known and ok 1401 
2survey or income concept not known or ok 1641
3neither survey nor income concept known or ok    1871
4memorandum item400

We thank Klaus Deininger and Kihoon Lee from the World Bank and Lyn Squire from the Global Development Network for providing us with an update of the Deininger & Squire database, an update not published elsewhere. We are also grateful to Giovanni Andrea Cornia and his research assistant Luca Tiberti for providing us with their update of WIID. We thank the staff at UNICEF-ICDC in Florence for kindly providing us with additional details about the Transmonee data. Finally, several persons have contributed with data or comments: Peter Bolliger (Swiss Federal Statistical Office), Wim Bos (Statistics Netherlands), Andrea Brandolini (Bank of Italy), Kwang Soo Cheong (Johns Hopkins University), Jon Epland (Statistics Norway), Francisco J. Goerlich Gisbert (University of Valencia), Lee Rainwater (Harvard University and Luxembourg Income Study (retired)) and Timothy Smeeding (Maxwell Center for Policy Research and Luxembourg Income Study).