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The Middle East, North Africa, and Climate Change

Project name/title
Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Economic Development Opportunities in North Africa: Case of Morocco and Tunisia
Economic Policy and Good Governance
Sustaining development in developing countries has never been as complicated a task as it is today in the face of a world characterized by tremendous competition over resources that are becoming scarcer. Climate change and its impact on water resources and agriculture, is one of the major problems facing developing countries in Africa. The research effort in this project will aim to measure the impact of climate change directly on agriculture, and indirectly through its linkages with other sectors. It will also examine the impacts of alternative mitigation policies. To achieve these objectives, an integrated methodological approach will be used. We will integrate two modeling frameworks that have been applied successfully on a wide range of problems: the GTAP model and the IMPACT-WATER model. The aim is to provide not only a country-based analysis, but to create analytical tools that can be applied in other countries and regions.
General equilibrium, climate change, North Africa, water allocation, sustainable development, welfare impact, mitigation policy

Project Assistant:
Anne Ruohonen



Further Reading

‘Institutions, governance and technology catch-up in North Africa’, published in Economic Modelling journal. The article results from the MENA project.  

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