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Development under Climate Change

Project name/title
Development strategy and climate change / Climate change and mitigation policy
New Challenges in Development Economics
This project sets forth a research and capacity building programme on sustaining economic development in the context of climate change. UNU-WIDER, in collaboration with external partners, has developed an analytical framework, labeled Robust Development Path Assessment, that integrates comprehensive biophysical and economic analysis. Using this approach, the research programme seeks to contribute in four areas. First, the considerable uncertainties associated with the science of climate change at the country/regional level will receive explicit attention. Second, the programme will incorporate the potential evolution of world market prices under alternative climate and policy scenarios into the evaluation of strategic options at the country level. Third, the programme will help identify and analyze low-carbon growth paths for developing countries. Finally, UNU-WIDER will adopt a regional approach to the analysis of climate change.
climate change, development, climate uncertainty, regional analysis, capacity building

UNU-WIDER focal point:
Finn Tarp Director of UNU-WIDER

Project Assistant:
Lisa Winkler

Development under climate change
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Panel of Experts and Instructors for the courses:


In addition to the research programme, the project will collaborate with the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) and with analytical units within key central ministries in focus countries to build capacity for analysis. The rationale is that climate change as an issue is unlikely to disappear for many years into the future. By forming links with academic researchers through the AERC and key policy institutions within governments, UNU-WIDER hopes to create a platform on which both research and capacity- building efforts can take place. Due to the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of climate change research, individual researchers within developing countries interested in the economics of climate change are disadvantaged relative to researchers who are linked to international and regional networks. Through this programme, the AERC and UNU-WIDER will develop a framework that generates high quality, locally owned, relevant research that achieves impact.

Media video presentations by course participants

Individual interviews with participants from the Project activity: UNU-WIDER in collaboration with the African Economics Research Consortium (AERC). A one week course on the 'Economics of Climate Change' in Cape Town, South Africa. These can be viewed on You Tube.

Terfa Williams Abraham, PhD student, Environmental Economics Unit, Dept. of Economics, University of Nigeria.

Kwabena Nkansah Darfor, Lecturer in Dept of Economics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. 

Nicia Giva, Agriculture Faculty, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique.

Shalini Ramessur, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Economics and Statistics/ Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies; University of Mauritius.

Jonathan Quartey, Head of Dept. of Economics/Lecturer and Researcher in Envir and Resources Economics,  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

In the Media

Carbon or Resource Rent Tax?
Mail & Guardian online, March 2012. The treasury's carbon tax model, done by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research, showed that if the revenues were recycled in the form of tax breaks on income, for example, there was a small negative impact on gross domestic product (GDP). Read more

The Guardian: Poverty Matters Blog. Climate change will cost poor countries billions of dollars, studies say.

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