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The Role of Elites in Economic Development

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The Role of Elites in Economic Development
Development and Finance
Elites play a crucial role in the development process. Their influence in politics, government, business, the media and intellectual discourse profoundly influences the direction of economic and social activities. In some countries, the preferences of elites are closely aligned with the national interest. Elsewhere their predation is a major source of development failures. This project will examine the formation and perpetuation of elites and their impact on development outcomes. Topics will include, inter alia, the means by which elite status is attained and transmitted to others, especially other family members; the ways in which power is exercised; and the extent to which the personal goals of members of elites are consistent with national objectives. This project aims to explore these issues in order to improve our understanding of how elites can be encouraged to act in a way that has positive economic and social results.

Alisa DiCaprio, Research Fellow and Conference Coordinator

Janis Vehmaan-Kreula, Project Assistant

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