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30 Years of economics for development

Conference on 'Aid: Principles, Policies and Performance'

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Conference on 'Aid: Principles, Policies and Performance'
Development and Finance
Aid is one of the most challenging development issues facing the international community. There is now a pressing need to evaluate performance to date, and the future for aid in light of recent events such as the post-Monterrey consensus to substantially increase aid to meet the Millennium Development Goals, recent initiatives from donors, and an ongoing focus on Africa, among others. The project is timely given the agreement at the G8 Meeting in Scotland in 2005 to significantly expand aid flows and discussions around development finance at the UN Summit in September 2005.
Development aid, financing the MDGs, aid policy

Approximately 160 leading experts from academic institutions, donor agencies, international organizations, and NGOs met in Helsinki on 16 and 17 June 2006 at the above major conference to present papers and discuss the current challenges of aid. Plenary speakers included Paul Collier (University of Oxford), William Easterly (New York University), Patrick Guillaumont (Universite d’Auvergne), Peter Heller (IMF), Helen Milner (Princeton University), Gustav Ranis (Yale University), Finn Tarp (University of Copenhagen), and Adrian Wood (University of Oxford).Target audiences included policymakers in the donor community, the UN system, policymakers in the developing world and the aid-recipient community, academics working in this area both in the North and South as well as NGOs and aid practitioners.