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UNU-WIDER Promoting Entrepreneurial Capacity

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A family in Tarialan, Uvs Province, Mongolia, uses a solar panel to generate power for their 'ger', a traditional Mongolian tent. Tarialan, Mongolia. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe.

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Promoting Entrepreneurial Capacity

Project name/title
Promoting Entrepreneurial Capacity
Development and Finance
Entrepreneurship can play an important role in structural economic change and in improving wellbeing. Governments and international institutions are investing increasing resources to promote entrepreneurship. This project aims at a greater understanding of the ways in which entrepreneurial capacity can be harnessed for overall economic development. In particular more light will be thrown on the sources of entrepreneurial growth in the global economy, and how public policy may strengthen the allocation and contributions of entrepreneurs towards innovation, technological catch-up and competition. The project will commission research papers (and solicit papers through workshops) on (a) the concept and measurement of entrepreneurship; (b) the influence of entrepreneurship on economic development, (c) the institutional prerequisites for a dynamic entrepreneurial and small business sector and (d) the regional and country level dynamics of entrepreneurship. Target audiences include academics, policy makers in developing and donor countries, international development agencies and entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurship, economic development, start-ups, small businesses, innovation, self-employment, structural economic transformation, private sector development, risk-taking, occupational choice
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