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UNU-WIDER projects

Support functions

A family in Tarialan, Uvs Province, Mongolia, uses a solar panel to generate power for their 'ger', a traditional Mongolian tent. Tarialan, Mongolia. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe.

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Development and Finance

Despite the rapid and large increases in trade, capital flows and technological advancement across the global economy, most developing countries have limited access to the necessary development financing. The lack of finance limits the ability of many countries to diversify their trade, to access new technologies, and to reduce poverty. UNU-WIDER has undertaken many important studies on issues concerned with development finance, broadly defined to include not only external finance (development aid, debt relief, FDI, short-term private capital flows) but also domestic resource mobilization (savings mobilization and financial sector development for growth and poverty reduction). The findings of these studies have been widely disseminated, with presentations at high-level meetings at the United Nations and at international conferences worldwide.


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