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30 Years of economics for development


From the Editor’s Desk

Tony Addison

UNU-WIDER had a busy September. We celebrated our 30th birthday with some 600 people at our three-day conference on ‘Mapping Development Economics’ here in Helsinki. It was a great occasion. Highlights include a keynote by Nobel aureate Joe Stiglitz as well as WIDER Annual Lecture 19 delivered by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. Full article

Celebrating 30 years of research for development 

Roger Williamson

The celebration of the 30th Anniversary of UNU-WIDER presented the ideal opportunity to look back, take stock, and plan ahead. Where else can 20 early career researchers have the chance to present at a conference including Nobel Laureates such as Joseph Stiglitz, Martti Ahtisaari and Amartya Sen? So, the stage was set for 600 participants from 75 countries to learn from the founders of the Institute, and to render account for what has been done in development economics over the last three decades. Full article

Economic lessons from recent research for achieving SDG8

Tony Addison

Sustainable Development Goal #8 is a large topic — one covered extensively by the new UNU-WIDER programme on transformation, inclusion, and sustainability. In this article I’ll look briefly at each of the three areas mentioned in SDG #8 — growth, work, and jobs — and consider how recent research has challenged popular thinking on these topics. Full article

Malawi's farm subsidy benefits the poor but doesn't come cheap

Channing Arndt

Agriculture is Malawi’s main economic sector. It generates one-third of GDP, half of total export earnings and two-thirds of employment. The article highlights the benefits and challenges of Malawi's farm input subsidy. Full article

Regional industrialization and integration in Southern Africa - reporting from TIPS Annual Forum

Roger Williamson 

Africa has a huge pent-up demand for modern energy. Infrastructure investment lasts for decades, so decisions taken now will have effects till 2050 and beyond. Development and climate change goals can be met together; secure, reliable and cheap supplies of renewables—such as hydropower, wind, and solar energy—can meet the needs of both of these goals to a significant degree. Full article


Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen on the Sustainable Development Goals

World leaders met at a special UN summit  from 25–27 September to formally adopt the SDGs, which will then be implemented from 1 January 2016. We asked Nobel laureates in economics Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen for their views on the SDGs. 
Watch the interviews here


New patterns of social provision: Towards welfare pluralism

Germano Mwabu, Cecilia Ugaz and Gordon White

What form should social provision take? In recent years, many countries have moved away from the traditional ‘welfarist’ approach towards a market-driven approach. But a third option is emerging, a model that factors in the capacity of civil society. Full article

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