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Press Release: WIDER Annual lecture 15

Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of the World Bank, Professor Justin Yifu Lin will deliver the WIDER Annual Lecture 15 entitled ‘New Structural Economics’, on Wednesday 4th May 2011, in Maputo, Mozambique. The lecture is arranged in collaboration with the Government of Mozambique.

WIDER Annual Lecture 15: New Structural Economics, by Justin Yifu Lin

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A new paper by Wim Naudé entitled 'Entrepreneurship and Human Development: A Capability Approach', has been included in a recent special issue of the Journal of Public Economics (Vol. 95 (3-4), celebrating Amartya Sen's 75th birthday.

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DFID and the ESRC are pleased to announce a new funding scheme partnership.The call for applications is now open (closing date: 26 May 2011), further information including the full specification is available  on the ESRC website: www.esrc.ac.uk/DFID-ESRCgrowth

Theme 1: Agriculture and Growth 

Theme 2: Financial Sector Development and Growth 

Theme 3: Innovation, Diffusion and Economic Growth:  Raising Productivity in Low Income Countries 

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APRIL 2011



A Commentary on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (ed. Wim Naudé)
Robert J. Strom. Full article.


Call for Papers: AERC/UNU-WIDER Research Project
The Macro-Economic Management of Foreign Aid
Deadline: 15 June 2011 Read more

Call for Papers: Nordic Conference in Development Economics 2011 (NCDE11), Copenhagen, Denmark
Deadline: 1 May 2011 Read more


WIDER Annual Lecture 15: New Structural Economics, by Justin Yifu Lin, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist of The World Bank. To be held in Maputo, Mozambique
4 May 2011

Open session: A further interrogation of the evolution of real household consumption for Tanzania.
Held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 6 May 2011

Project meeting: Learning to Compete: Accelerating Industrial Development in Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
27 May 2011

Exhibition: Maailma Kylässä - World Village Festival
28 May 2011

Call for Papers: Nordic Conference in Development Economics 2011 (NCDE11), Copenhagen, Denmark
20 June 2011

Project meeting: Decentralization and Urban Service Delivery: Implications for Foreign Aid 11 July 2011

Project meeting: Foreign Aid and Democracy
15 August 2011

Project meeting: The New Policy Model, Inequality and Poverty in Latin America: Evidence from the Last Decade and Prospects fro the Future, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1 September 2011

UNU-WIDER Conference on Poverty and Behavioural Economics 1 September 2011



Group visit by students of Estonian School of Diplomacy
13 April 2011

Finnish Development Days, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department of Development Policy, Helsinki, Finland
22 March 2011

Public lecture: Climate Change and Economic Development, Tampere, Finland 22 March 2011

The Impact of Aid – What is the impact of aid on economic development, recipient governments and donors themselves? Stockholm, Sweden
9 March 2011

Group visit by students of Helsinki University's Faculty of Social Sciences
3 March 2011

Public lecture: Aid, Growth and Development, Tampere, Finland
1 March 2011

Books and Journals

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Edited by Wim Naudé

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Development (forthcoming)
Edited by Adam Szirmai, Wim Naudé, and Micheline Goedhuys

Health Inequality and Development
Edited by Mark McGillivray, Indranil Dutta and David Lawson

Understanding Small-Island Developing States: Fragility and External Shocks
Edited by Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, Mark McGillivray
and Wim Naudé

Urbanization and Development: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by Jo Beall, Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, and Ravi Kanbur

Information on all of WIDER's publications is available on our website: http://www.wider.unu.edu/publications/

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WIDER Working Papers 2011

Terms of Trade and Growth of Resource Economies: A Tale of Two Countries
Augustin Kwasi Fosu WP/28

How Does Colonial Origin Matter for Economic Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Julius A. Agbor WP/27

Local Government, Taxes, and Guns: Successful Policy Innovation in Three Colombian Cities
Francisco Gutiérrez S., María Teresa Gutiérrez, Tania Guzmán, Juan Carlos Arenas, and María Teresa Pinto WP/26

Adaptation Advantage to Climate Change Impacts on Road Infra-structure in Africa through 2100
Paul Chinowsky, Amy Schweikert, Niko Strzepek, Kyle Manahan, Kenneth Strzepek, and C. Adam Schlosser WP/25

Challenges for Latin American Cities
Paola Jirón WP/24

Public-Private Co-operation for Gas Provision in Poor Neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires
Cynthia Goytia, Ricardo Pasquini, and Pablo Sanguinetti WP/23

Aid and Growth: What Meta-Analysis Reveals
Tseday Jemaneh Mekasha and Finn Tarp WP/22

Is Internal Migration Bad for Receiving Urban Centres? Céline Ferré WP/21

Information on all of WIDER's publications is available on our website: http://www.wider.unu.edu/publications/