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Inclusive growth in Mozambique seminar series

The Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme is launching its seminar series for 2019. The seminar series showcases ongoing research on topics related to the work of the programme and its aim of supporting inclusive growth in Mozambique. The seminar...

Mozambique Inclusive growth
Press release - Professor Kunal Sen starts as the director of UNU-WIDER

‘Economic transformation needs to be accompanied by political and social transformations if we are to see drastic increases in human wellbeing’

SDGs Transformation Informality
In Memoriam: John Hudson

John Hudson, dear friend and respected contributor to UNU-WIDER, passed away on 13 July 2018 at the age of 71. He provided significant research support to the UNU-WIDER Re-Comm project and became an important and valued member of the UNU-WIDER...

Finland’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development visits UNU-WIDER

Director Finn Tarp today welcomed Finland’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen to the UNU-WIDER offices in Helsinki. Part of ongoing collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, it was the Minister’s...

Evidence based policy making in Myanmar – New four-year programme in collaboration with the Central Statistical Organization launched

Director-General of the Central Statistical Organization Dr Wah Wah Maung, Ambassador of Denmark to Myanmar H.E. Peter Lysholt Hansen, and UNU-WIDER Director Finn Tarp at the project launch event on 17 March 2017. UNU-WIDER and the Central...

Myanmar SMEs
New data on income inequality – WIID3.4 released

The UNU-WIDER World Income Inequality Database ― widely known by its acronym WIID ― collects and stores information on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. WIID provides the most comprehensive set of income...

Dr Jo Beall and Professor Martha Chen join the WIDER Board
In memoriam – Sir Tony Atkinson, leading inequality economist, 1944-2017

It was with great sadness that we received the news of UNU-WIDER’s friend and colleague Professor Sir Tony Atkinson’s passing on 1 January 2017. Tony Atkinson was a pioneer in inequality research, how to measure it, and how to reduce it...

Good news on poverty and well-being in Mozambique - Fourth National Poverty Assessment published

The Directorate of Economic and Financial Studies at the Ministry of Economics and Finance of Mozambique have just published the Fourth National Poverty Assessment for the country. The report — compiled with technical assistance from CEEG of...

Call for papers - Immiserizing Growth: A Conference

The conference will be held in Toronto on 26-27 May 2017. Deadline for submissions is 31 December 2016.

‘Responding to crises’ conference to be streamed on Periscope

A quick glance at our YouTube channel and Twitter feed clearly demonstrates our commitment to making sure the knowledge shared at our events reaches as many as possible. This work continues with our ‘Responding to crises’ conference; the...

Press release - UNU-WIDER conference aims to improve global responses to crises

Experts available for press interviews on core crisis response issues Helsinki, Finland — Experts from around the world will gather this week at the ‘Responding to crises’ conference in Helsinki. The main goal of the event is to...

Press release - Global income inequality has declined in relative terms, but gone up substantially in absolute amounts

Helsinki, Finland – Researchers from United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) have found that during the last four decades global income inequality decreased substantially in ‘relative...

Press release - AL13

Professor Ronald Findlay, Author of 'Power and Plenty' at United Nations University — WIDER

International trade Industrialization History (Economics)
Press release - AL 14

WIDER Annual Lecture 14: Reforming the International Monetary and Financial Architecture, by José Antonio Ocampo, New York, USA

Public goods International finance Financial stability
New open access book - Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

On 14 April 2016 Oxford University Press (OUP) published UNU-WIDER’s first open access book, Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa, edited by Channing Arndt, Andy McKay, and Finn Tarp.

Growth Growth and employment Poverty
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