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Working Paper
The unintended long-run impacts of agro-terrorism in Brazil

This paper studies the unintended long-run effects of a permanent agricultural shock led by agro-terrorism in Brazil on the education and labour market...

Education Wages Agriculture
Working Paper
Agricultural risks, the COVID-19 pandemic, and farm household welfare and diversification strategies in Africa

Agricultural activities in many African countries are bedevilled by a range of risk factors...

Risk COVID-19 Household welfare
Working Paper
Weathering shocks: the effects of weather shocks on farm input use in sub-Saharan Africa

There has been much discussion on climate change and its adverse effects on agriculture, including excessive loss of food production...

Farm inputs Agriculture Climate change
Working Paper
Diffusion of agricultural innovations in Guinea-Bissau: From learning to doing

This paper analyses the pathways of technology diffusion through social networks, following the experimental introduction of new technologies in Guinea-Bissau...

Agriculture Technology Knowledge diffusion
Results meeting
Microsimulation of agricultural policies in Zambia
25 November 2021
Online, Zambia
Past event
Working Paper
The relative neglect of agriculture in Mozambique

This paper explores agricultural performance of Mozambique, its institutional weaknesses, and the underlying factors that underpin an unsatisfactory performance during many decades...

Agriculture Environment Institutions
Working Paper
Climate shocks, agriculture, and migration in Nepal: Disentangling the interdependencies

Climate change is expected to increase the risk in agricultural production due to increasing temperatures and rainfall variability. Smallholders can adjust by diversifying income sources, including through migration...

Climate change Migration Agriculture
Infrastructure spend: insights from the effect of a bridge across the Zambezi on maize prices

Investments in infrastructure – such as roads – typically aim to reduce transport costs, stimulate trade, and make new production activities viable. Across sub-Saharan Africa, the need for such investments is widely acknowledged ...

Infrastructure Agriculture Mozambique
Research Brief
How can agro-processing value chains be developed to strengthen regional integration in Southern Africa?

Regional integration in Africa has potential for increasing regional trade and contribute towards industrialization and economic development...

Regional integration Agriculture Agro-processing
Working Paper
Influence of institutional factors on the performance of the agricultural sector in Mozambique

This paper is a review of the institutions and the performance of the agricultural sector in Mozambique, using an analysis table adapted to the assessment of the connections between the institutions and economic development...

Agriculture Environment Institutions
Journal Article
Understanding farmers' valuation of agricultural insurance: Evidence from Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Insurance Agriculture Risk
Journal Article
Market constraints, misallocation, and productivity in Vietnam agriculture

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Viet Nam Agriculture Misallocation
Working Paper
Making agricultural value chains more inclusive through technology and innovation

Some entry barriers in agricultural and agro-processing value chains, particularly for smallholder farmers and small/medium-sized processors, can be overcome with innovation and technology adoption...

Innovation Technology Agricultural technology
Working Paper
Agro-processing, value chains, and regional integration in Southern Africa

Regional integration in Africa is underway but ongoing progress requires that the gains are widely spread...

Regional integration Agriculture Agro-processing
Working Paper
Hidden from the data: Landholding patterns and women’s low work participation rates in West Bengal, India

Compared with most other Indian states, women’s reported work participation rates have historically been low in West Bengal. This trend is more prominent in rural areas...

Women's work Women's work participation rates Agriculture
Rugazia Nyombi on rural economy diversification and its effects on food security

Rugazia Nyombi will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 6 November. Abstract - Rural economy Diversification and Its Effects on Food Security of Households in Tanzania Agriculture has for long dominated Tanzania’s rural economic setup with...

6 November 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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