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Working Paper
Options for suitable biofuel farming: Experience from Southern Africa

Southern African countries’ interest in biofuel is due of its rural development potential. Finding models to optimize this benefit is therefore paramount...

Biofuel Jatropa Sugarcane
Working Paper
Land and agronomic potential for biofuel production in Southern Africa

The Southern African region, from a purely biophysical perspective, has huge potential for biofuel production, especially in Mozambique and Zambia...

Biofuel southern Africa Production potential
Working Paper
Biofuels in Southern Africa: Political economy, trade, and policy environment

Expansion of biofuels production and consumption at the regional and national levels relies on both supportive energy prices and policy interventions...

Biofuel policy
Working Paper
Potential biofuel feedstocks and production in Zambia

The need for energy security and climate change mitigation have increased blending mandates worldwide; in Southern Africa, demand for biofuels could increase following South Africa’s planned blending mandates...

Biofuel feedstocks
Working Paper
Review of social issues for large-scale land investment in Zambia

Given unsuccessful experiences to date in establishing large-scale investments for biofuels in Zambia, this paper explores the social constraints that may hinder future efforts to use the same models...

Biofuel Social constraints Zambia
Working Paper
A review of social issues for biofuels investment in Mozambique

This study discusses the potential for expanding cultivation of biofuel feedstock in Mozambique from several angles...

Biofuel Mozambique Sugarcane
Working Paper
Economic impacts of developing a biofuel industry in Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the most promising African countries for producing biofuels and the national biofuel policy of 2009 identifies measures to incentivize biofuel production...

Biofuel Computable general equilibrium Food security
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