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Working Paper
Roots of dissent: Trade liberalization and the rise of populism in Brazil

This paper investigates the long-term impact of economic shocks on populism, by exploiting a natural experiment created by the trade liberalization process implemented in Brazil between 1990 and 1995...

Trade liberalization Populism Austerity
Working Paper
Inclusive growth without structural transformation?: The case of Brazil

Through rapid urbanization, Brazil—previously a country where most workers were in the agricultural sector—went through a strong process of structural transformation that lasted almost four decades until economic liberalization at the beg...

Brazil import substitution Inclusive growth
Working Paper
The effect of class assignment on academic performance and the labour market: Evidence from a public federal university in Brazil

Can students’ rank in the ability distribution of their class impact their academic achievement?...

Affirmative action Brazil Education
Working Paper
Migrants leaving mega-cities: Where they move and why prices matter

Traditional economic models predict rural to urban migration during the structural transformation of an economy. In middle-income countries, it is less clear which direction of migration to expect...

Brazil Internal migration Prices
Working Paper
Internal migration and crime in Brazil

Empirical evidence suggests that the social effects of internal migration may be substantially different from those associated with the arrival of international migrants...

Brazil Crime Internal migration
Alysson Portella on racial social norms and education: “whitening” ideology and students’ performance in Brazil

Alysson Portella will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 6 November 2019. Abstract - Racial social norms and education: “whitening” ideology and students’ performance in Brazil We investigate to what extent racial social norms...

6 November 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Journal Article
Horizontal inequality and ethnic diversity in Brazil: Patterns, trends, and their impacts on institutions

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal Inequality: Persistence and Change

Brazil Group-based inequality Ethnic diversity
Working Paper
Intersecting inequalities and the Sustainable Development Goals: Insights from Brazil

Concerns about the dramatic rise in income inequality across the world and, at the same time, assessments of national progress on the Millennium Development Goals made it clear that it is the intersection of income inequality, marginalized social ide...

Income distribution Intersecting inequalities Labour market segmentation
Working Paper
Race, resources, and representation: Evidence from Brazilian politicians

What explains the persistence of racial or ethnic inequalities in political representation, in the absence of strongly politicized racial or ethnic cleavages?...

Racial democracy Brazil experiments
Working Paper
Patterns and trends of group-based inequality in Brazil

In this paper, we analyse the patterns and trends of group-based inequalities in Brazil in the past 30 years...

Brazil Group-based inequality Ethnic diversity
Southern engines of global growth

Theme: 2006-07

The project centers on the inter-linkages between the major developing countries of Brazil, India, China and South Africa and the global economy, with a special emphasis on the implications of China’s growth on smaller economies and the rest...

Globalization and Trade Growth Trade
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