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Capital flows
UNU-WIDER & UNU-CRIS Joint Session on South-South Integration in a North-South Context: Regional and Global Integration: Quo Vadis?

UNU-WIDER & UNU-CRIS Joint Session (Parallel 1.1) to be held on Saturday, 16 January, South-South Integration in a North-South Context.

13 January 201019 January 2010
Prague, Czech Republic
Past event
UNU-WIDER and UNU-CRIS International Workshop on South-South and North-South Trade Agreements: Compatibility Issues

South-South reciprocal trade agreements continue to surge in popularity despite arguments that they are a sub-optimal trade choice relative to North-South agreements or non-discriminatory trade liberalization. S-S agreements include both new...

5 November 20096 November 2009
Bruges, Belgium
Past event
South-South development cooperation

Theme: 2008-09

Globalization and Trade Development financing Capital flows
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