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Working Paper
Other Backward Classes and the politics of reservations in India: Past and present

The paper examines the existing state of reservations, more specifically, reservation policies and reservations for government jobs for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in India...

Reservation Caste Class
Journal Article
Stabbed in the back?: Mandated political representation and murders

This study provides the first country-wide research evidence that an affirmative action policy may induce a backlash. I exploit the timing of the implementation of castebased electoral quotas across and within the states of India...

Caste Crime Equality and inequality
'Love thy neighbour'?: Evidence from a randomized neighbourhood relocation policy in India

Caste in India plays an instrumental role in determining access to education, jobs, public spaces, and social networks...

Group-based inequality Inequalities Anti-discrimination measures
Working Paper
Intergroup contact and its effects on discriminatory attitudes: Evidence from India

The contact hypothesis posits that having diverse neighbours may reduce one’s intergroup prejudice. This hypothesis is difficult to test as individuals self-select into neighbourhoods...

Caste Slums India
Working Paper
Horizontal inequality, COVID-19, and lockdown readiness: Evidence from India

A growing body of research shows that COVID-19 both reflects and exacerbates existing inequalities...

Horizontal inequality Ethnic inequality Caste
Moving out of identity silos and into intersectionality: The example of gender identity

Women are undoubtedly doing better today than they were even 40-50 years ago. The gender gap has shrunk in many areas, including educational attainment, health, and employment and wages...

Gender Caste Equality
Research insights, new friends and meeting Stiglitz: Shreya Bhattacharya - 2018 PhD Fellow

In the fall of 2018 UNU-WIDER welcomed 11 doctoral students from around the world as part of our PhD Fellowship Programme ...

UNU-WIDER PhD Fellowship Ethnic inequality Caste
Book Chapter
Are caste categories misleading? The relationship between gender and jati in three Indian states

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

Autonomy Caste Gender
Working Paper
Are caste categories misleading?: The relationship between gender and jati in three Indian states

This paper examines the relationship between caste and gender inequality in three states in India...

Autonomy Caste Gender
Working Paper
How status inequality between ethnic groups affects public goods provision: Experimental evidence on caste and tolerance for teacher absenteeism in India

This article contributes to the growing scholarship on how ethnic inequality can dampen the provision of public goods and services. On the one hand, it pushes beyond purely economic inequality to include status inequality between population groups...

Caste Ethnic inequality Public goods provisions
Working Paper
Is multi-party coalition government better for the protection of socially backward classes in India?

The paper investigates whether multi-party coalition government is better for the protection of socially backward classes, i.e. Scheduled Castes, in India...

Caste Equality and inequality Local government
Working Paper
Why does caste still influence access to agricultural credit?

In India, caste shapes access to a variety of resources and outcomes mainly through its influence on inter-generational prosperity, but also the linked phenomenon of discrimination...

Caste Rural development
Working Paper
Affirmative action and long-run changes in group inequality in India

Research on caste-based inequalities in India has generally focused on differences between large categories such as the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, and the remainder of the population...

Caste Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Mandated political representation and crimes against the low castes

Mandated political representation over the last twenty years has had a different impact on the reporting of crime by the low castes than what is observed for the reporting of crime by women...

Caste Crime Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Double jeopardy?: Caste, affirmative action, and stigma

This paper presents the results of an attitude survey administered to university students in India that attempts to delineate the social–psychological mechanisms of ‘externalization’ and ‘internalization’ to understand t...

Caste Higher education Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Caste differences in behaviour and personality: Evidence from India

The persistent gap in economic outcomes between the upper and lower caste groups in India is typically explained through differences in endowments and the presence of discrimination...

Caste Field experiments Organizational behavior
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