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Working Paper
Old-age pensions and female labour supply in India

Whether cash transfers have unintended behavioural effects on the recipient household’s labour supply is of considerable policy interest...

Childcare Employment Income effect
Journal Article
The National Care System in Uruguay: Who Benefits and Who Pays?

Part of Journal Special Issue Welfare and distributive effects of social assistance in the Global South

Childcare Elderly care Redistribution
Working Paper
Female work status and child nutritional outcome in Nigeria

This paper delves into the relationship between child nutritional outcome and (multiple) female work status in Nigeria from a micro perspective. The child nutritional outcome is proxied by child weight-for-age...

Women's work Work status Income effect
Working Paper
National Care System in Uruguay: Who benefits and who pays?

In this paper, we analyse two specific policies that make up the National Care System, a social policy being implemented in Uruguay...

Childcare Elderly care Redistribution
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