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Comparative advantage
Working Paper
Competitiveness and diversification of service exports in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of the East African Community

Growth in service exports has improved countries’ per capita incomes, reduced over-reliance on goods exports, and promoted economic diversification. However, the growth has not been uniform across regions and countries...

Service exports Competitiveness Diversification
WIDER Annual Lecture by Justin Yifu Lin

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on New Structural Economics.

Structural transformation Productivity Economic policy
Photos - AL15

Selection of images from the WIDER Annual Lecture 15.

Structural transformation Productivity Economic policy
Annual Lecture
WIDER Annual Lecture 15 - New Structural Economics
4 May 2011
Centro Internacional de ConferĂȘncias Joaquim Chissano, Avenida Marginal 4441, Maputo, Mozambique
Past event
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