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Decomposition methods
Working Paper
The gender productivity gap: Evidence from the Indian informal sector

We examine the patterns and correlates of the productivity gap between male-owned and female-owned firms for informal enterprises in India...

Gender Productivity gap India
Working Paper
The role of skills and tasks in changing employment trends and income inequality in Chile

Using decomposition methods, we analyse the role of the changing nature of work in explaining changes in employment, wage inequality, and job polarization in Chile from 1992 to 2017...

Wage inequality Polarization Skills
Working Paper
Inequality and the changing nature of work in Peru

This paper identifies the socioeconomic drivers of earnings inequality in Peru in the period 2004–18...

Earnings Decomposition methods Inequality
Working Paper
Agricultural development, trade, and income distribution: A 2015 social accounting matrix multiplier decomposition approach for Mozambique

This paper considers the impact of agriculture and international trade development on income distribution and economic activity in Mozambique...

Agriculture Income distribution Multiplier effects
Working Paper
Labour income inequality in Mexico: Puzzles solved and unsolved

We analyse the evolution and proximate determinants of labour income inequality in Mexico between 1989 and 2017. Labour income inequality increased between 1989 and 1994 and declined between 1994 and 2006...

Inequality Labour income Post-survey reweighting
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