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Supply or demand? Exploring the mechanisms behind the rise of female labour force participation in Mexico

At the global level, gender gaps in labour force participation have narrowed and over half a billion women have joined the workforce in the last 30 years...

Women's work Female labour force participation Economics
Press Release: Top UN economists warn of crises of our own making if global “megatrends” left unchecked

To avoid future failures, new report calls for overhaul of the way policies are made

Inequality Urbanization Climate change
Journal Article
Fiscal Pressure of Migration and Horizontal Fiscal Inequality: Evidence from Indian Experience

Part of Journal Special Issue Migration Governance and Policy in the Global South

Migration Inequality Demography
Working Paper
Fiscal pressure of migration and horizontal fiscal inequality: Evidence from Indian experience

This paper examines the patterns and trends in inter-state migration across Indian states and observes that migration is affected by demographic profile as well as the fiscal profile of states...

Migration Inequality Demography
Panel discussion
Economic and political dynamics of Africa's emerging middle class

Economic and political dynamics of Africa's emerging middle class Robust economic growth in much of sub-Saharan Africa over the last decade is largely believed to have coincided with an expanding middle class. According to some estimates, the...

23 June 201426 June 2014
Bonn, Germany
Past event
Panel discussion
Economies in transition: The long-run view

Chair: Erik Berglof, Chief Economist, EBRD Speakers: Professor Gérard Roland, University of California, Berkeley. Dr Rania Al-Mashat, Assistant Sub-Governor and Head of Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of Egypt. Professor Roland,...

19 June 2012
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, One Exchange Square, London, United Kingdom
Past event
Urban governance and service delivery in Africa

Africa is one of the fastest urbanizing regions of the world. On the one hand, this demographic transformation offers important opportunities for growth, economic development, and innovation. On the other hand, rapid urbanization generates high...

5 June 2012
African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa
Past event
Group visit by American Women’s Club

‘Democratization in Sub-Saharan Africa: Progress, Setbacks, and New Directions’ by Danielle Resnick. In the past twenty years, many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have experienced significant strides towards becoming more democratic as...

29 February 2012
UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Photo: Dana Smillie / World Bank Prospects for Africa's youth

Theme: 2012-13

Youth Demography Development
Africa's emerging middle-class

Theme: 2012-13

Sub-Saharan Africa currently is facing a range of demographic and socioeconomic shifts that hold important implications for both the region’s economic and political development. One of these shifts has been the emergence of a sizeable and dynamic...

Development Democracy Demography
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