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Development policy
Working Paper
Building resilience knowledge for sustainable development: Insights from development studies

This paper explores how the concept of resilience has been used in development studies. Set amidst the rise of resilience in sustainable development, it offers insights for scholars and policy-makers, alike...

Resilience Sustainable development Development policy
Working Paper
The COVID-19 pandemic and the economy in Southern Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has had severe economic consequences in Southern Africa, resulting in an unprecedented decline in production and employment...

Southern Africa COVID-19 Economic policy
Working Paper
Ethnicity is not public service destiny: The political logic of service distribution in South Africa

Millions of South Africans in thousands of demonstrations have protested the unequal allocation of public services...

Public service delivery Ethnicity Africa
Journal Article
Bypassing Government: Aid Effectiveness and Malawi’s Local Development Fund

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Impact and Effectiveness

Aid effectiveness Institutions Aid policy
Working Paper
Institutional bypass and aid effectiveness in Africa

Many practical and action-oriented international roadmaps to improve the quality of aid and its delivery and impact on development—including the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda for Action, and Busan Partnership—emphasize a more active inv...

Aid effectiveness Institutions Aid policy
Taking steps to overcome inequality in South Africa

Engagement is needed at all levels to address ongoing inequality faced in South Africa. This was the primary aim of a recent policy seminar in Pretoria, organized through the framework of the Mandela Initiative and partners, including UNU-WIDER...

Inequality Development policy Structural transformation
The root causes of large scale forced migration

Director Finn Tarp made a contribution on international migration in a policy seminar hosted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

24 August 2016
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Laivastokatu 22, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Development policy and practice: competing paradigms and approaches

Theme: Transformation

This project uses UNU-WIDER’s high level of convening power – its ability to mobilize senior figures in the development policy debate from different paradigms – and its ability to stand aside from the fashions and pressures of the...

Development Aid Development policy
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