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Economic biology
Working Paper
Modelling growth scenarios for biofuels in South Africa’s transport sector

South Africa has a nascent biofuels industry and emerging regulatory framework, and although water scarcity limits local supply potential, that of the southern African region appears substantial...

Economic biology Supply and demand Transportation
Strenghtening Research Capacity

Conference on Climate Change and Development Policy - Parallel 2.2

Climate change Infrastructure Economic biology
Journal Article
The Fishery Performance Indicators: A Management Tool for Triple Bottom Line Outcomes

Pursuit of the triple bottom line of economic, community and ecological sustainability has increased the complexity of fishery management; fisheries assessments require new types of data and analysis to guide science-based policy in addition to tradi...

Aquaculture Economic biology Ecology
Book Chapter
Psychosocial and Biological Mechanisms Behind the Recent Mortality Crisis in Central and Eastern Europe

From the book: The Mortality Crisis in Transitional Economies

Economic biology Sociology of economics Life expectancy
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