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Working Paper
The loser’s long curse: electoral consequences of a class conflict

This paper presents evidence of political legacies of exposure to a violent class conflict over 100 years...

Civil conflict Class Elections
Working Paper
Hidden hostility: donor attention and political violence

Political violence is a worldwide problem that has been on the rise over the past decade. The international dimension of domestic repression and dissent is a particularly relevant factor yet surprisingly understudied...

Political violence Repression Riots
Working Paper
Is economic development affected by the leaders’ education levels?: Evidence from India

Although formal education is often considered an indicator of political leaders’ quality, the evidence on the effectiveness of educated leaders is mixed...

political leaders Elections Public goods
Journal Article
Do gifts buy votes?: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America

Part of Journal Special Issue Clientelist Politics and Development

Elections vote-buying Sub-Saharan Africa
Working Paper
Do gifts buy votes?: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Vote-buying—or the pre-electoral distribution of private goods in exchange for support at the ballot box—is often blamed for the poor economic performance of many sub-Saharan countries...

Elections vote-buying Sub-Saharan Africa
Clientelism – another reason to worry about US democracy

The last several months have given us many reasons to worry about US democracy – not least the riot at the US Capitol and the president’s refusal to accept the results of the November election, with Republican support. Rachel Gisselquist ...

Clientelism United States Corruption
Research Brief
Social protection as a political brand: Example from Malawi Elections Political branding Social protection
Book Chapter
Social assistance, electoral competition, and political branding in Malawi

From the book: The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa

Elections Political branding Social protection
In the media
Kunal Sen talking to BBC India’s elections and the economic impact of Modi’s first term India Elections Podcast
Narendra Modi’s performance on the Indian economy: Five key policies assessed

When Narendra Modi became India’s prime minister in spring 2014 the Indian economy was in the doldrums...

Demonitization Political economy Elections
India’s General Elections 2019: The potential electoral consequences of demonetisation

In the campaign leading up to the Lok Sabha elections in spring 2014, one of the more important promises that Narendra Modi made was to ‘clean up’ the economy by bringing back to India all the illicit money that was purportedly stashed aw...

Demonitization Political economy Elections
Working Paper
Social protection, electoral competition, and political branding in Malawi

Competitive elections in many parts of Africa generate powerful incentives to presidential candidates (and to a lesser extent political parties) to brand themselves in ways that transcend regional or ethnic loyalties...

Elections Political branding Social protection
Photo: UN Photo/Shareef Sarhan Governance and fragility

Theme: 2010-11

Fragility Governance Foreign aid
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