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Environmental aspects (Commercial policy)
Working Paper
Is feed-in-tariff policy effective for increasing deployment of renewable energy in Indonesia?

To accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies and to secure the electricity supply, the Government of Indonesia has issued several feed-in-tariff regulations for various renewable energy sources, which were previously predominated by ...

Environmental aspects (Commercial policy) Power resources Renewable energy sources
Introducing Carbon Taxes in South Africa

James Thurlow South Africa is one of the largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters. In 2007 it ranked 13th amongst all countries in terms of its overall emissions from burning fossil fuels, and its per capita emissions were twice the global average...

Environmental aspects (Commercial policy) Economic aspects (Natural resources) Environmental aspects (Taxation)
Working Paper
Measuring the Carbon Content of the South African Economy

We estimate the carbon intensity of industries, products, and households in South Africa. Direct and indirect carbon usage is measured using multiplier methods that capture inter-industry linkages and multi-product supply chains...

Environmental aspects (Commercial policy) Environmental policy Economic aspects (Natural resources)
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