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Equality and inequality
The COVID-19 crisis, informal workers, and gender — understanding the intersections

The COVID-19 crisis — the pandemic, restrictions, and recession — has not been a grand leveler...

Equality and inequality COVID-19 Gender
UNU-WIDER at International Economic Association World Congress

UNU-WIDER’s research project 'The changing nature of work and inequality' will have a special live session at the IEA World Congress Indonesia 2021. Finn Tarp and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa will also present on ‘The Role of Redistribution in the Inequality...

5 July 2021
Online, United States
Past event
Rachel Gisselquist at Expert Group Meetings of the 2021 United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Rachel Gisselquist will attend Expert Group Meetings (EGMs) on 19–20 May 2021 in preparation for the 2021 United Nations High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development. Rachel is a Senior Research Fellow and expert on inequality who...

SDGs Equality and inequality
Journal Article
Stabbed in the back?: Mandated political representation and murders

This study provides the first country-wide research evidence that an affirmative action policy may induce a backlash. I exploit the timing of the implementation of castebased electoral quotas across and within the states of India...

Caste Crime Equality and inequality
Over 2 billion workers globally are informal — what should we do about it?

Informality is a pervasive phenomenon in the labour markets of developing countries. Two billion workers, representing 61.2 per cent of the world’s employed population, are in informal employment ...

Informal poor Labour market outcomes Equality and inequality
New release of the World Income Inequality Database — new WIID version includes companion datasets to improve study of global inequality

The UNU-WIDER World Income Inequality Database ― widely known by its acronym WIID ― provides the most comprehensive set of income inequality statistics available. It presents detailed information on income inequality for developed, developing, and...

Equality and inequality WIID
Carlos Gradín presents session at the EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities Final Conference

What do we know about socio-economic inequalities in emerging and developing countries? How are they changing? What are the causes and consequences? How can they be reduced? How can they be taken into account in development policies in the current...

22 March 202124 March 2021
Past event
New update of the World Income Inequality Database Equality and inequality WIID
Panel discussion
Special panel on inequality A UNU-WIDER special panel on inequality — measurement, implications, and influencing change
28 February 2020
House of Science and Letters, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
UNU-WIDER releases new version of the World Income Inequality Database Equality and inequality WIID
Journal Article
Global inequality: How large is the effect of top incomes?

Despite the growing interest in global inequality, assessing inequality trends is a major challenge because individual data on income or consumption is not often available...

Inequality Income distribution Top incomes
Journal Article
Inequality in Education and Wealth in Tanzania: A 25-Year Perspective

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal inequality in the Global South

Education Equality and inequality Wealth
Journal Article
Vertical and Horizontal Inequality in Ecuador: The Lack of Sustainability

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal inequality in the Global South

Equality and inequality Poverty Sustainable development
Journal Article
The Effects of the Value-Added Tax on Revenue and Inequality

This paper examines the impact of the introduction of the value-added tax on inequality and government revenues using newly released macro data...

Economic development Equality and inequality Taxation
Journal Article
Ethnic fragmentation, public good provision and inequality in India, 1988–2012

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal Inequality: Persistence and Change

Education Equality and inequality Healthcare
Rachel Gisselquist gives TEDx talk on rethinking the diversity debate Ethnic diversity Equality and inequality
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