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Working Paper
Legal empowerment and group-based inequality

Legal empowerment has become widely accepted in development policy circles as an approach to addressing poverty and exclusion...

Legal empowerment Ethnicity Horizontal inequality
Working Paper
Inequality, ethnicity, and social cohesion

How do changes in socio-economic inequality between ethnic groups affect interethnic ties in a divided society?...

Inequality Ethnicity Violent conflict
Working Paper
Patterns and trends in horizontal inequality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

We analyse horizontal inequality in wealth and in years of education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the period 2001–13...

Democratic Republic of the Congo Economic status Education
Working Paper
The politics of horizontal inequality: Indigenous opposition to wind farm development in Mexico

In less than a decade, foreign investors have erected more than 3,200 wind turbines across the Isthmus of Techuantepec investing billions of dollars and generating more than 90 per cent of Mexico’s wind energy...

Ethnicity Horizontal inequality Indigenous peoples
Working Paper
Who trusts?: Ethnicity, integration, and attitudes toward elected officials in urban Nigeria

In the developing world, clientelism is common. In Africa, public office is often used to redistribute resources to ethnically defined constituencies, and this form of clientelistic exchange is a key determinant of vote choice...

Trust Identity Politics
Working Paper
Human capital, labour market outcomes, and horizontal inequality in Guatemala

With the second largest indigenous population by percentage in Latin America, Guatemala is an important case for understanding horizontal inequality and indigenous politics...

Inequality Ethnicity Schooling
Working Paper
Historical origins of persistent inequality in Nigeria

Horizontal inequality by ethnic group has remained remarkably persistent for wealth, education, and access to certain services in Nigeria...

Development Ethnicity Geopolitical zone
Working Paper
Crosscutting cleavages and ethno-communal violence: Evidence from Indonesia in the post-Suharto era

Recent literature has shown that crosscutting social cleavages reduce the likelihood of civil war...

Crosscutting cleavages Ethnicity Riots
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