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Fiscal incidence
Working Paper
Revisiting the impact of direct taxes and transfers on poverty and inequality in South Africa

This paper uses a recent household survey and the CEQ framework to revisit and extend previous research on the impact of fiscal policy on income redistribution, and poverty in South Africa...

Fiscal policy Fiscal incidence Taxes
Working Paper
Inequality and fiscal redistribution in Mexico: 1992–2015

This paper uses income and expenditure surveys from 1992 to 2014 and public tax and spending accounts to estimate the redistributive impact of Mexico’s fiscal system over this period...

Fiscal incidence Taxation Social spending
Working Paper
Fiscal policy, inequality, and the poor in the developing world

NOTE | Revised version August 2017 available. View and download the revised version . Using comparable fiscal incidence analysis, this paper examines the impact of fiscal policy on inequality and poverty in 25 countries for around 2010...

Fiscal incidence Social spending Inequality
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