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Fiscal policy
Working Paper
Fiscal pressure of migration & horizontal fiscal inequality: Evidence from Indian experience

This paper examines the patterns and trends in inter-state migration across Indian states and observes that migration is affected by demographic profile as well as the fiscal profile of states...

Migration Inequality Demography
Working Paper
Toward closer cohesion of international tax statistics: The ICTD/UNU-WIDER GRD 2017

The Government Revenue Dataset (GRD) was launched in September 2014 and, in the few years since, has gone on to be recognized as the go-to source for researchers and policymakers seeking cross-country data on government revenues and taxes...

Tax Fiscal policy data
Working Paper
The copper sector, fiscal rules, and stabilization funds in Chile: Scope and limits

Historically, Chile has been an economy dominated by mineral and agro-industrial products and subject to frequent external shocks particularly in copper prices...

Fiscal policy Natural resources Wealth
Working Paper
Tax structures and economic growth: New evidence from the Government Revenue Dataset

Recent work on the relationship between tax structure and economic growth has offered little reliable evidence for developing countries...

Economic growth Fiscal policy Development
Will Norway’s model of Sovereign Wealth Fund work in Tanzania?: A reality check

Several countries in Africa – including Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda - have recently discovered large oil and gas or other mineral resources...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Fiscal policy Mineral industries
Working Paper
An inquiry into the political economy of the global clean energy transition policies and Nigeria’s federal and state governments’ fiscal policies

In order to implement clean energy transition programmes, the national and sub-national governments in Nigeria will incur some cost. In the same way, failure to implement the policies will come with some costs...

Fiscal policy Nonrenewable natural resources Renewable energy sources
Working Paper
Tax-benefit microsimulation modelling in Mozambique: A feasibility study

This paper assesses the feasibility of developing a tax and benefit microsimulation model in Mozambique...

Fiscal policy Revenue Taxation
Book Chapter
Gender, Economic Growth, and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

From the book: Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics, Vol. 2...

Economic development Fiscal policy Income distribution
Inequality in Latin America and the Importance of Data - An Interview with Nora Lustig

In this interview Professor Nora Lustig , Samuel Z...

Education Equality and inequality Fiscal policy
Journal Article
Aid and Government Fiscal Behavior: Assessing Recent Evidence

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Policy and the Macroeconomic Management of Aid

Economic assistance and foreign aid Fiscal policy Government spending policy
Research Brief
The political economy of food price policy in Egypt

The Egyptian food system has been affected by both global food markets and domestic factors...

Agriculture Fiscal policy Food industry and trade
Working Paper
Income Inequality in Latin America: Recent Decline and Prospects for Its Further Reduction

The paper reviews the extent of the income inequality decline that took place in Latin America in 2002-10 and then focuses on the factors that may explain such decline...

Education Equality and inequality Fiscal policy
Working Paper
The Impact of Aid on Total Government Expenditures: New Evidence on Fungibility

Aid is said to be fungible at the aggregate level if it raises government expenditures by less than the total amount. This happens when the recipient government decreases domestic revenue, decreases net borrowing, or when aid bypasses the budget...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Economic development) Expenditures, Public
UNU-WIDER Inequality Conference 2014: Country Comparisons and Conceptual Approaches

18 December 2014 Roger Williamson In an earlier article I reviewed a number of the high-profile contributions to the September 2014 conference on inequality . It is now time to dig deeper into the material presented at the event...

Comparative economics Economic growth Government policy (Poor)
Research Brief
Successes and Challenges of Public Financial Management in Sierra Leone

Fragile and conflict-affected states, like Sierra Leone, can maintain a strong public financial management structure if they are able to find foreign support for administrative capacity and sufficient domestic political and executive support...

Conflict management Economic policy Fiscal policy
Varying Growth Trajectories of the West and the South: The Role of Inequality and Institutions

27 August 2014 Vladimir Popov Modern economic growth started in the West, not because of the efficiency of various capitalist institutions (elimination of serfdom, free cities, universities)...

Capitalism Economic growth Government policy (Poor)
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