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Free trade
Working Paper
Regional opportunities in East Africa

Significant progress has been made by the East African Community partner states in implementing the East African Community customs union...

Exports Free trade Customs union
Rising powers and the collapse of the Doha Round

Rising powers have had a profound impact on the WTO. For over half a century the trading system was dominated by the US and other advanced industrialized states, with developing countries and their interests severely marginalized...

Free trade International trade
Working Paper
Institutional and policy adjustments to implement Free Trade Agreements with the European Union: A developing country perspective

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between the European Union (EU) and trade partners go far beyond mere elimination of tariffs to include such diverse issues as non-tariff barriers, competition legislation, investment protection, and more...

Economic development Free trade International trade
WIDER Annual Lectures – Taking Stock

​ I am looking forward to WIDER Annual Lecture 18, held 18 November in New York not only because I expect that Peter Timmer will make a distinguished contribution to the understanding of economic transformation, but also because the cumulative impact...

Climatic changes Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Economic Elites, Crises, and Austerity in 21st Century Capitalism

24 September 2014 Andrés Solimano The era of neoliberal capitalism starting by the late 1970s and early 1980s promotes free trade, capital mobility, fragmented migration, privatization, deregulation and marketization...

Capitalism Democracy Economic policy
International Economic Association 17th World Congress

UNU-WIDER organized two sessions during the 17th World Congress of the International Economic Association. Learning to Compete – Sunday 8 June 2014 Chaired by Finn Tarp Out of Africa: A comparative perspective on why Africa failed to...

6 June 201410 June 2014
Dead Sea, Jordan
Past event
A New Agenda for a New World

24 June 2013 Minister Gunilla Carlson Like every political agenda, the post-2015 agenda must be firmly based in a reality check...

Economic development Emigration and immigration Free trade
Journal Article
Can Free Trade Agreements Reduce Economic Vulnerability?

Part of Journal Special Issue South-South and North-South Trade Agreements

Economic integration Free trade International trade
Rules or Engagement?: Development Implications of the Doha Round Negotiations (Part II)

Part II: Engagement with Developing Countries. This is Part 2 of a 2-part analysis of the upcoming WTO 8 th Ministerial Conference in December 2011...

Free trade International trade Negotiation
Rules or Engagement?: Development Implications of the Doha Round Negotiation - Part 1

Alisa DiCaprio This is Part 1 of a 2-part analysis of the upcoming WTO 8 th Ministerial Conference in December 2011...

Free trade International trade Negotiation
Journal Article
US Free Trade Agreements and Policy Flexibility: Will New Rules Hinder Industrialisation?

Free trade agreements have become a central feature of many developing countries' growth strategies, encouraged by an evaluation literature that quantifies their positive impact on trade...

Economic development Free trade
Journal Article
Tracing the Special and Differential Treatment Principle through the CARIFORUM EPA

The EU's decision to replace unilateral Lomé preferences with Article XXIV-compliant reciprocal agreements remains a subject of ongoing debate in trade circles...

Free trade International trade
Journal Article
Trade Liberalization, Economic Reform and Poverty Reduction in Lao PDR

Part of Journal Special Issue Well-being Achievements in Pacific Asia

Free trade Poverty
Book Chapter
Evasive Reform: Informalization in a Liberalized Economy with Wage-setting Unions

From the book: Informal Labour Markets and Development

Free trade Informal sector (Economics) Labor unions
Book Chapter
Transition to Market

From the book: Development Agendas and Insights

Free enterprise Free trade Post-communism
Journal Article
Economic Reform, Skill Formation and Foreign Capital

Part of Journal Special Issue FDI to Developing Countries

Free trade Human capital Investments, Foreign
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